Personal Safety Alerts

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Landline and Wireless units available!

When life events present health challenges, we are here to assist you and your family so that you can maintain independence in your own home and feel safe. Whether you’re recovering from a hospital stay or receiving other medical treatment, our expert clinicians are ready to respond to your health care needs. 

We believe that remaining at home is an important part of health recovery. For that reason, we also offer Mobile-Mate (information below), a personal electronic monitoring system that provides immediate emergency notification 24 hours a day. 

We invite you to contact us and learn what services we can provide for you and your family. 

Easy to use Personal Safety Devices! 

  1. When you need help, press your personal activator. 
  2. The two-way voice console unit dials the Response Center
  3. Center professionals will speak with you over the console to get you the help you need. 


Key Features: 

  1. Simple one button access
  2. Convenient user friendly charging cradle
  3. AT&T 3G cellular network
  4. Automatic fall detection (optional)
  5. Enables two-way voice communication between subscriber and Emergency and Emergency Call Center Operator
  6. GPS and LBS location technology
  7. Audio messages announce call progress and status messages to subscriber
  8. Water resistant. Can be worn in the shower or the bath.
  9. Visual message indicators
  10. Easy to handle and can be discreetly worn or carried in pocket or purse. 
  11. 36 hour standby battery