April Employee Safety

Shelter in Place

What and When 

What does Shelter in Place mean?

Shelter in place means finding a safe location indoors and staying there until you are given an “all clear,” told to evacuate or the surrounding environment becomes safe.


When should you shelter in place? 

When the outside environment around you becomes unsafe due to: 

  • Active Shooter
  • Dangerous Persons
  • Chemical Hazard
  • Radiological Hazard
  • Biological Hazard


How to shelter-in-place @ clients home

  • Stay calm
  • Get inside. Make sure you bring everyone inside including clients, loved ones and pets
  • Secure the location-lock all doors and windows, close blinds and curtains
  • Find a safe spot- the best spots are in the center of the home or an area away from all the doors and windows. Secondary floors are great spots.
  • Stay in touch- notify friends, family members, and the office of the situation and keep them updated
  • Contact 911- Get help! If authorities have not already been contacted, do so. If you or your client encounters a situation during a shelter-in*-place that you need help contact the proper authorities!


How to shelter-in-place @ the office

  • Stay calm
  • Get inside
  • Secure the location. Lock all exterior doors and elevator
  • Account- make sure all staff members and their locations are accounted for
  • Notify- notify staff via text not to come to the office as it is not safe
  • Find a safe spot- should your area be close to a first-story door or window, move to a central area. Also, move if your area on a secondary floor becomes unsafe.